Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy is an exhilarating time for any woman, but nutritional needs increase during pregnancy. Future mothers should pay attention to their health and general well-being.

High in calcium and nutrients, camel milk is ideal for pregnant women, low in fat, yet rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins and iron, thus supporting the healthy development of the foetus. A properly composed diet should cover the daily requirement of calcium in pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. The daily requirement for calcium is 1000-1200 mg.

- Calcium intake is very important as calcium helps build baby's teeth, nerves, bones and muscles.

- Calcium helps your baby maintain a normal heart rhythm.

- Ensuring the recommended calcium intake during pregnancy also helps the mum-to-be to regulate her own circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

-The high levels of animal proteins in camel milk, many of which are not found in goat or cow milk, can help stimulate proper growth and development of organs and bones.

Camel milk satisfies the need for nutrients at this particular time, because it boasts three times more vitamin C and up to ten times more iron than cow's milk, as well as a wealth of proteins and calcium.

Camel milk is the closest to the composition of human milk, therefore it is very beneficial for children. Camel milk can be easily incorporated into the daily diet of the family, it can replace any other milk in cooking and baking, supporting the health and immunity of the whole family.

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