Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by insulin secretion disorder. Too little insulin in the body causes disorders in the use of glucose by body cells, which causes an increase in blood glucose concentration (hyperglycaemia) and excretion of glucose along with urine. 8. 5% of the world population suffers from diabetes, and 90% of these cases are type II diabetes. ​

If diabetes is not properly controlled, the patient has a much higher risk of developing complications such as hypoglycaemia, cardiovascular disease, retinal damage, etc. The risk of developing complications such as hypoglycaemia is much higher. ​

Camel milk included in the daily meal plan is an excellent natural alternative to insulin injections. This is because it contains about 52 units of insulin per litre of camel’s milk. This helps to maintain the required level of insulin in the body and provides an overall improvement in the quality of life. ​

It is also known that camel milk improves pancreatic functions, which is especially important for diabetics. ​

Camel milk has a higher percentage of healthy fats that help reduce cholesterol levels and maintain healthier cardiovascular functions. Cholesterol management is an important aspect of the management of diabetes. ​

One systematic review of 22 studies has shown that camel milk can lower blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance and improve lipid profiles, making it an ideal tool for people with type II diabetes. ​

During the study, 20 patients with type II diabetes were given 500 ml of camel’s or cow’s milk every day for two months. Scientists have discovered that camel milk can improve insulin levels and help control blood sugar. In the case of type I diabetes, however, camel milk can reduce insulin demand by 30-35 percent.​